Play the Game, A Great War Compendium


Since 2004 we have published many articles, scenarios, campaigns and gaming ideas covering the Great War, either for Through the Mud & the Blood or If the Lord Spares us.  Now these have been packed into a 276 page PDF compendium full of all you could wish to game this period of intense technological change and tactical development.  Here is a full list of the contents which covers up to the Summer Special 2015.

  • If the Lord Spares Us, an introduction to the rules
  • Attack on El Mughar, A Palestine 1917 scenario for ITLSU
  • Square Hill, A Palestine 1918 scenario for ITLSU
  • A Different Kettle of Fish. Using machine guns in ITLSU
  • Advance to Kut! An ITLS scenario in Iraq 1915
  • Not Another Bloody Poet. An overview of the Great War for the gamer
  • Things are a Bit ‘Ard. ITLSU amendments for East Africa
  • Tanga, Day One. An ITLSU scenario in East Africa 1914
  • Tanga, Day Two, An ITLSU scenario in East Africa 1914
  • The Other Mboto Gorge. An ITLSU scenario in East Africa 1916
  • In Jordan’s Hot Valley. An ITLSU Scenario in Palestine 1918
  • A Tight Ring. An ITLS scenario in Syria 1918
  • Corps Blimey. Some Great War kriegsspiel ideas and a sample Hindenburg Line scenario for 1917
  • Sid’s Trenches. A trench terrain project from the master builder.
  • Attack on Camp el Juba. An ITLSU scenario in Mesopotamia 1915
  • Ils Ne Passeront Pas. Mud & Blood scenario at Verdun 1916
  • Somme Enchanted Evening. Mud & Blood scenario on the Somme 1916
  • The Game to End all Games. A western front scenario for Mud & Blood
  • Revenge at Camp El Juba, An ITLS scenario in Mesopotamia 1915
  • Last Chance on the Tigris. An ITLSU scenario in Iraq 1916
  • The Disturbance of an Antheap. An Amiens 1918 scenario for Mud & Blood
  • Winter Sports. A trench raiding game generator for Mud & Blood
  • Rolling into Action. Representing the Tank Corps at Third Ypres, 1917, some ideas for Mud & Blood
  • Rolling In to Action: The Scenarios. Two tank action scenarios for Third Ypres 1917
  • Midnight at the Oasis. A Lawrence of Arabia scenario for Mud & Blood
  • Insurrection is Mesopotamia. Two scenarios for Iraq in the 1920s with Mud & Blood
  • Storm of Dice. Using ITLSU on the Western Front
  • Sidney Gets Woods. Building shattered woods for the Western Front
  • A Brief Affair. Invading the German colony of Rabaul in 1914 with Mud & Blood
  • Passchendaele, The Bitter Victory. Reflecting on this 1917 battle in the mud
  • In the Salient. Three Scenarios for Passchendaele 1917 for Mud & Blood
  • Just the Right Sort of Chap. Creating characters for Mud & Blood.
  • More Sturmabteilung Vor! Stormtrooper tactics examined and expanded for Mud & Blood
  • Stosstrupptaktik! A Pre-Game System for Mud & Blood
  • The Green Fields Beyond. Training Troops for the long anticipated break out. 1917 to 1918. Three scenarios for Mud & Blood
  • In Flanders Field. A look at early war British and German fire and movement tactics.
  • In the Last Ditch Again. A Retreat from Mons 1914 rearguard action with Mud & Blood.
  • Cocking Up Mud & Blood. Thoughts on blending Chain of Command with Mud & Blood. Rule amendments, Army Lists and scenario adaptations
  • Kaiserschlacht 1918. A Pint-Sized campaign for the Spring Offensive of 1918. Six Scenarios for Mud & Blood and Chain of Command
  • Handgranaten! A look at bombing and grenade tactics through the Great War
  • Loos, At your Convenience. A Pint-Sized campaign for this 1915 battle with four scenarios


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