Operation Sea Lion


Operation Sea Lion, the German Invasion of Britain never took place, but remains one of the greatest “What ifs” of the Second World War.  This scenario supplement is based on the results of the famous 1974 wargame conducted at Sandhurst under the watchful umpiring eye of Dr Paddy Griffith, with fourteen scenarios designed for company sized engagements using I Ain’t Been Shot Mum.

The initial section of the supplement looks at the German and British plans, detailing the troops involved and their means of operation.  There are then fourteen scenarios, each of which includes a colour map of the terrain, individual briefings for both sides and a set of umpire’s notes for the game organiser.

The scenarios are as follows:
1.  Fight for the Military Canal
2.  Rearguard at Pevensey
3.  Capture the Port
4.  Take the Heights
5.  The Exceat Bridge
6.  The Drive Inland
7.  The Empire Strikes Back
8.  In by the Back Door
9.  Covering the Winston Line
10. Defending a Nodal Point
11. Tally Ho!
12. Isolating Dover
13. The White Cliffs of Dover
14.  A Pint in the Lamb

All of this is available in printer-friendly pdf format designed for maximum playability, but minimum printer ink usage.


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