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The Meckel Map for Kriegsspiel Download

The Meckel Map. Originally produced in the 1870s specifically for detachment sized Kriegsspiel games, we are able to provide this map as a download set up for A3 print size.   The map is a copy of the original hand-coloured by Bill Leeson and is the perfect battleground for your armies.

Please note, this is a large file so please allow time for the download to complete.  Permission is granted for the owner to produce multiple copies for personal use.


Kriegsspiel 1824

Published in 1824, and written by a Prussian Army officer who had served in the Napoleonic Wars, Kriegsspiel is the genesis of modern wargaming. This was the set of wargames rules used by von Moltke, that inspired von Schlieffen, that led to the birth of wargaming as both a military tool and a hobby.

Now, in association with Bill Leeson, TooFatLardies bring you the original 1824 rule set so that today's gamers can experience the ultimate wargaming system for themselves. With the rules presented in PDF format in full colour and additional material provided on period tactics, and the 1828 Berlin Wargames Society Amendments. This rule set is absolutely packed with material for the gamer and historian alike and has a multitude of applications across many periods of history. 76 A4 pages in total.


Twelve Kriegsspiel

Twelve Krieggspiel Scenarios CD. Penned by Bill Leeson to accompany the Meckel Map these scenarios are written to be played as a normal game or to be conducted solo, with full orders given for one side in all cases.


The Kriegsspiel Compendium is a bundle containing the 1824 Reisswitz Rules, the Meckel Map and the twelve scenarios designed by Bill Leeson, the man who almost single-handedly restored the fortunes of this historic but still eminently valuable and informative game.  Please note, the Meckel Map in particular is a large file, so please allow time for the download to complete.

Permission is granted for the purchaser to  create multiple copies for personal use.



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