If the Lord Spares Us


“…Til we meet again, if the Lord Spares Us”. So ends the last letter written home from Gallipoli veteran 202537 Lance Sergeant Albert Skinner, 2/4th Royal West Kent Regiment, just a few weeks before his death in the hills near Tel Khuweilfe, a few miles north east of Beersheba, Palestine on 4th November 1917. These rules are dedicated to Albert and all those other poor sods who are still out there.

It’s a long way to Tipperary but whether you’re fighting your way up Anzac Cove, sipping Pimms as part of Townshend’s Regatta up the Tigris, marching through Jerusalem with Allenby, or bouncing on a flea-ridden camel on the route to Damascus with Lawrence of Arabia these rules will enable you to pack up your troubles and take the fight to Johnny Turk. Away from the quagmire of the Western Front ITLSU proves that brigade level games the Great War in the Middle East have components of everything; camels, arab war bands, sweeping cavalry attacks, opposed beach landings, massed machine guns, gas attacks, tanks, armoued cars, fighting in the mirage, water shortages, trench assaults, river gunboats – and enough command and control dilemmas to test the most cunning Pasha.The opportunities it provides are boundless. ITLSU makes every wargame a Great War game!

This is a PDF version of the rules.



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