General d’Armee Rules


Designed by Dave Brown, General d’Armee are designed for action from Division upwards for the Napoleonic period.  Dynamic and fast-paced, General d’Armee uses the ADC command and control system first seen in Pickett’s Charge to put you in the shoes of the commanding General, deciding how and when to use your influence to control and win the battle.

Packed with Napoleonic flavour, General d’Armee uses the battalion as the smallest manoeuvre element, the Brigade the lowest tactical command. A typical club night action involving several Brigades per side and a full day or weekend handling a Corps or two with ease.

108 pages in length with two A4 laminated playsheets, General d’Armee includes rules for using both 15mm and 28mm figures, suggestions for organising your armies with a point system and a guide to rating force. An introductory scenario is all you need to get playing with this great new set of rules from the master of the big battlefield.

PLEASE NOTE:  We recommend that you may benefit from the GDA game tokens we also sell.  You can find them here:

You can read an interview with the author on Lard Island News, here:  Dave Brown Interview or view a series of YouTube videos here:  GDA Videos  There are eight in the series, so follow the links from the first one.

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