Five Planets


Five Planets is a campaign and scenario pack for Quadrant 13 (Q13), the company-sized, sci-fi wargame rules from the TooFatLardies.

Written by Robert Avery, Five Planets contains twelve scenarios set within the Pankova solar system as two adversaries fight over its priceless resources. The action begins on Peach, the outermost planet, a most desolate, moon-like place but the gateway to the system, then moves through the asteroid belt that contains huge amounts of mineral wealth to Cheteria, the ice planet. After Cheteria comes Three, the garden world that feeds the system, followed by D’Var, the desert planet whose sands conceal vast seas of valuable oil. Finally the campaign climaxes on fiery Adeen, closest to the sun, but the source of limitless power.

The campaign is designed to be played through twice: with each player first taking the part of the race invading the Pankova system, the Attackers, and then taking the part of the incumbents, the Defenders. Be warned, sometimes the Defenders are attacking, and sometimes the Attackers are defending: as first one side then the other gains an advantage.

Although written for Q13, Five Planets can be easily adapted for any sci-fi rules system. Each scenario contains a full game briefing, a map, and then a briefing for each player, including a description of the forces available. All players need to do is print off the appropriate pages for the scenario that they want to play, set up the battlefield, break out the figures, and away they go. As the army lists given are generic, players can use them to play any sci-fi army that they choose: whether based on a particular range of figures, background from another ruleset, background from a film or book, or even a background that they have made up themselves.

So set your weapons to exterminate and prepare to do battle: there is glory to be won on the Five Planets!

Robert Avery is also the author of eight scenario books for TFL’s popular company-sized WW2 wargame, I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum!, all of which are also available from the TooFatLardies website.



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