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With the publication of Bag the Hun we have been inundated with requests for all of the old Bag the Hun material from the Specials to be collected together in one compendium.  Whilst we do not normally split the Specials or republish old material we felt that this would be a great help for Hun Baggers old and new.  So, for one month only – March 2010 – here it is.

Bag the Hun 2 is a logical progression from the original rules so the scenarios and supplements will plug in and play with only the minimal need for adjustment.

The contents amount to 170 pages in PDF format and are as follows:

  1. Go on Bag the Hun.An introduction to the rules and a selection of early war scenarios
  2. Lotnictwo Wojskowe and Fall Weise.The 1939  campaign, a description of the forces involved, and a scenario for the first aerial kill of WWII
  3. 151 Wing.The story of RAF 151 wing flying for Soviet Russia in the Arctic circle.
  4. Bag the Ton.1945 and a German Ace looks to get his 100<sup>th</sup> kill of the war.
  5. A Fine Day in Group 12.A 1940 scenario sees German bombers strike against Britain’s industrial heartland.
  6. Bob’s Your Heinkel.The RAF attempt to bag a German sea plane in the straights of Dover
  7. Aaaaah, Condor.Aircraft stats for the Spanish Civil War
  8. The Boulton Massacre.The Boulton Paul defiant packed a punch that the Hun did not expect.
  9. Bag the Mig.A complete Korean War supplement for Bag the Hun
  10. An Easy Start.A Bag the Mig Scenario
  11. Hoagy’s Fury.A Bag the Mig Scenario
  12. Pole Attack. <span style=”mso-spacerun: yes;”> </span>A 1940 scenario
  13. Madagascan Martlets.A 1942 scenario as the Vichy French take on the RAF
  14. Brown’s First Kill.A Bag the Mig scenario
  15. Rattling Sabres.A Bag the Mig scenario
  16. All I Want for Christmas is my Wings Swept Back.A Bag the Mig scenario
  17. Bagging the B29.A Bag the Mig scenario
  18. Get Dillinger.A Pacific War scenario
  19. Patrouille Polonaise.Polish pilots in France, 1940.The unit history and three scenarios.
  20. Fox Two.A complete supplement bringing Bag the Hun into the age of modern air combat.
  21. Arab Israeli Air War.A guide to the conflict for the Fox Two rule expansion plus seven scenarios
  22. Mosquito Coast.Mosquitos take on FW190s in the Bay of Biscay
  23. Are You Ready for Some Football.The Hondurans and the El Salvadorans take to the skies in an argument over a game of football.A guide to the conflict and three scenarios.
  24. Everybody Wants an Ace.Dicing for your pilots, a guide to fielding your forces for the major nations of WWII
  25. Bust and Run.A Bag the Mig scenario
  26. Bag the Jedi.Bag the Hun reaches for the stars in this complete space age expansion for aerial fighting in a galaxy far, far away.
  27. Everybody Wants an Ace II.An extension of the original article covering the other nations of the war.
  28. Thunder-wulf.FW190s take on US Thunderbolts in this 1944 Bag the Hun scenario
  29. Blue Swastika Rampant.A guide to the Winter War in Finland with Bag the Hun and two scenarios.
  30. Bag the Hun 2.A preview of the new rules
  31. Bag the Hun 2, A Walkthrough.A walkthrough of the new rules.
  32. Strike Wing.An RAF attack on German coastal shipping.


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