From the Mau Mau in Kenya in the 1950’s to South West Africa in the 1980’s, B’Maso is our latest supplement for BOTH I Ain’t Been Shot Mum and Troops Weapons & Tactics covering the Winds of Change wars in Africa.

Containing full rule amendments, a history of counter-insurgency warfare in Africa, a look at all the major conflicts, along with data on organising your forces and gaming this interesting peried. B’Maso! Covers the Mau Mau in Kenya in the 1950s, Katanga and the Congo in the 1960s, Biafra and Nigeria, Rhodesia, the Portuguese Wars in Mozambique, Guinea Bissau and Angola, and the border war in South West Africa.

One hundred and thirty four pages long this PDF supplement also contains full colour maps, scenarios and everything you need to get started gaming in Africa.


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