Blitzkriegs in the West, The Low Countries


Blitzkrieg in the West: The Low Countries is the third in the series of early war handbooks for I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum. The handbook is 88 pages long (bigger than either the French or BEF books) and contains two separate sections: one on the Belgian army of 1940, and one on the Dutch army of 1940.

The Belgian section contains sixteen separate lists covering everything from the Active divisions through to the Cavalry and then on to the Chasseurs Ardennais and Border Guards. There’s also a section on the forts and bunkers positioned along the Belgian border.

The Dutch section contains seventeen separate lists covering everything from the First Line divisions through to the Light and Peel divisions through to the three independent brigades, the cavalry and the various territorial commands. There’s also a short section on the defence of the main airfields and another on the defence of Rotterdam.
Both the Belgian and Dutch sections contain a lot of background information, so the handbook should be very useful for players of other game systems as well.

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  1. amtrak375 (verified owner)

    Great research on obscure material. Well written and laid out a must for early war aficionados. Ordering my Belgian mini’s now.

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