Blitzkrieg in the East: Poland Invaded


I Aint Been Shot Mum Token Set

To make your life easy we wanted to create a set of tokens that look good but mean that keeping track of the action is easy to do in the heat of battle.  To achieve this we put together a 66 piece set made up of what we found useful when playtesting the rules.  We have used a simple red and green traffic light system, with four red low ammunition markers, six red immobilised markers, twelve engine damage markers, six gun-out markers, twelve gunsights damaged markers,  two artillery or mortar aiming point markers, twelve loss of action markers and a dozen pinned of suppressed markers.

As an introduction to I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum, the TooFatLardies offer a theatre handbook for Poland 1939 as a free-to-download pdf.

Written by Robert Avery, but based on previous works by Alexander Kawczynski and Richard Clarke, the handbook gives all the army lists you could want to play the September War, plus background information and full game statistics.

There are thirteen lists for the Poles, fifteen lists for the Germans, and five lists for the Soviets.

Each set of lists begins with the basic units of infantry: the footsloggers who will form the core of most IABSM forces. They then move onto the reconnaissance units that scouted ahead of the core forces; and then finally cover the armoured elements that back them up. Each set of lists is then followed by a section on rating the troops, and an armoury describing their game statistics.

The booklet ends with a section on using armoured trains in IABSM, and a set of Blinds for each side.

Those of you who are interested in re-fighting the Poland 1939 campaign might also be interested in the two September War scenario packs also available from TooFatLardies. Each scenario pack costs £9.95 and contains thirty scenarios, making sixty full scenarios available in all. There are attacks, counter-attacks, encounter battles, and desperate defences, all containing a whole host of useful scenario mechanics that can be re-used elsewhere. No need for any preparation: each scenario contains a brief background history, maps, a full game briefing, and a full briefing for each player. Simply print out the pages you need, make up the deck from the list of cards required, unpack your figures and dice, set up the table and away you go!


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