Battle for Liberation


Battle For Liberation is the first Handbook for version 3 of IABSM and covers the years 1943 to 1945 in the West.  From Siciliy to the invasion of Italy, France and the Low Countries and the eventual defeat of Germany.  This Handbook covers a wide range of force options for German, British, US, French and Italian forces, detailing what you’ll need to put together your forces, what support will be available, all weapon and vehicle stats, force ratings, nation specific weapon rules as well as some additional rules for supply in airborne operations and air power over the battlefield.

99 pages in size this is packed with data, including the following forces:

Using this Handbook

British & Commonwealth Forces

The Rifle Company

The Reconnaissance Squadron

The Tank Brigade Squadron

The Armoured Division

The Motor Company

The Parachute Company

The Airlanding Company

The Commando Assault Troop

79th Armoured Division

Rating Your British Forces

British Armoury

British Weapon Rules

United States Forces
 The Rifle Company
The Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop
The Tank Company
The Armored Rifle Company 1943
The Armored Rifle Company 1944
The Ranger Company
The Parachute Rifle Company
The Glider Rifle Company
Rating Your US Forces
United States Armory
US Weapon Rules

French Forces
Compagnie de Fusiliers-Voltigeurs
Compagnie d’Infanterie Portee
Escadron de Chars
Escadron de Reconnaissance
Commando du Choc
Gouniers Marocain
Milice Centain
French Forces of the Interior
Rating Your French Forces

German Forces
Grenadier Kompanie
Volksgrenadier Kompanie
Panzer Kompanie
Panzer Grenadier Gepanzerte Kompanie
Panzer Grenadier Kompanie
Aufklarungs Kompanie
Panzerspah Kompanie
Fielding German AFVs
Luftwaffe Jager Kompanie
Fallschirmjager Kompanie
Volksturm Kompanie
Gebirgsjager Kompanie
Rating Your German Forces
German Armoury
German Weapon Rules

Italian Forces
Compagnia Fucilieri
Camice Nere
Corpo Italiano di Liberazione
Compagnie Fucilieri 1944-45
Esercito Nazional Repubblicano
“Quattro Divisione” Compagnia
Partigiana “Brigata”
Antipartigiana Compagnia
Rating Your Italian Forces
Italian Armoury
Italian Weapon Rules

Death from Above – Tactical Air Support 1943-45

Smoke with the 2″ mortar – British weapon rules

Supply in Aibrone Operations – Rules for this key issue. 

Available in PDF format only we will be producing a low ink version which will be free for anyone who has purchsed the full colour edition.



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