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From the pen of Dave Parker comes this PDF scenario supplement, featuring fifteen scenarios covering the actions of the US 82nd Airborne Division in Normandy in 1944.

Split into three key areas, the fight for the La Fiere causeway and Cauquigny; the actions at Chef du Pont and Hill 30; and finally the battles around St Mere Eglise itself, this is a comprehensive piece of work, giving full historical background to the campaign and the units involved on both sides.

Each scenario has briefings for both sides, notes for any umpire or game organiser, a set of design notes and full historical background along with a full colour map of the tabletop based on 1944 BIGOT maps of the area and aerial photographs.

At 119 pages in length this PDF supplement has been designed so that the scenario section is as printer friendly as possible. It gives a unique look at this fascinating and crucial area of the D-Day landings .


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