2012 Summer Special


The TooFatLardies Summer Special for 2012 is here and it’s 118 pages stuffed with Lardy goodness.  Here’s a list of the contents

Introduction – Fat Nick says hello


Contents – What’s on offer in the Smorgasbord of Lard


Migrating Dux – Using Dux Britanniarum in other settings.


St Barthelemy –  A classic IABSM historical double-scenario set in Normandy 1944


Random Events in IABSM – Geoff Bond adds random events to IABSM


Just the Right Sort of Chap – Sidney Roundwood looks at characters in Mud & Blood


A Conversation with DZ – Richard Clarke in conversation with Major General John Drewienkiewicz about his Wargames in History books


Bull Run – An 1861 scenario for They Couldn’t Hit and Elephant


Bagging the Hex – Graham Riddle presents his ideas for Bag the Hun without a hex mat


Wrong Side of the Fleche – Mark Luther deploys his jaeger on the outskirts of Charleston in this scenario for Sharp Practice from the AWI


Glorious First of June.  Admiral A large fleet actions scenario for Kiss Me Hardy


Quadrant 13 Designer’s Notes. – Robert Avery beams down to tell us all about his forthcoming Sci-Fi rules


Battle in the Orchard.- The PLO, the Southern Lebanese Army and the Israeli Defence force battle it out in this modern scenario for IABSM


BTH: The Italian Job – A scenario for Bag The Hun. 


Them that Ain’t Cowards, Follow Me! – A scenario for Sharpe Practice and ‘La Longue Carabine’ for the American War of Independence from the pen of James Schmidt


An Encounter for Alpha Company – A Charlie Don’t Surf Scenario from Ross Bowrage


A Lesson in Lard – Ross tells us about his experiences on the show circuit with CDS


On a Saxon Shore – A bonus raid scenario for Dux Britanniarum


The Last Stand of the Baron – A back end of nowhere scenario for Mud & Blood from the pen of Allan Coleman


August Storm – Charles Ekhart takes a look at the Soviet conquest of Manchuria in 1945


Decisions, Decisions: Applying the OODA loop.- Fat Nick explains the decision making process and how it impacts on wargames rules.


BTH: Zero 2 Hero –  A scenario for Bag the Hun


Meaty Dux – Adding some extra meat to the bones of Dux Britanniarum campaign system. 


The Roundwood Report – Sir Sidney Roundwood takes  his regular look at the world of Lard



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