2011 Summer Special


The 2011 Summer Special is 129 pages loaded with Lardy goodness.  Articles, rules, scenarios, terrain building, it’s all there for the discerning wargamer.

Page 3                   Introduction

Page 4                   La Longue Carabine.  A Sharp Practice supplement for the French Indian Wars

Page 20                A Bloody Morning on V Beach.  A Gallipoli 1915 scenario for If the Lord Spares Us

Page 25                Wave Goodbye.  A French counter attack in 1940 from the pen of Robert Avery for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum

Page 30                Finding, Fixing, Fighting & Finishing.  A background to riverine warfare in Vietnam

Page 37                Brown Water Delta.  A riverine warfare supplement for Charlie Don’t Surf.

Page 47                Beckwith’s Battle.  The battle of Sabugal for Le Feu Sacré

Page 52                A White Hell.  Rogers Rangers face the French and the frost at the Battle on Snowshoes for La Longue Carabine

Page 57                The Bridge at Prudyanka.  A German rearguard attempt to hold the road to Kharkov in the aftermath of the battle of Kursk.  A scenario for  I Ain’t Been Shot Mum

Page 61                The Forest of Assassins.  A riverine warfare scenario for Charlie Don’t Surf.

Page 64                Coastal Patrol.  A complete set of rules for small ships in WWII.

Page 80                Black Night.  A coastal warfare scenario for Coastal Patrol

Page 82                On Company Business.  A French Indian Wars scenario set in the Ohio valley for La Longue Carabine

Page 85                Estuary Anglais.  A Kiss Me Hardy Frigate action

Page 89                Insurrection in Mesopotamia.  Two scenarios for action in Iraq, 1920 style, for Mud & Blood.

Page 95                  Scenario Card R.  A bonus scenario card for Platoon Forward

Page 96                Mors Mission.  Rescuing Mussolini Part Two.  A scenario for  I Ain’t Been Shot Mum

Page 100              River Assault.  A riverine warfare scenario for Charlie Don’t Surf.

Page 103              Storm of Dice.  Rules for using If the Lord Spares Us on the Western Front.

Page 109              Winning their Spurs.  A Storm of Dice scenario from Vimy Ridge, 1917.

Page 112              Sidney Gets Woods.  The maestro gives a master class in modelling woods.

Page 118              The Volga Ferryman.  A Bag the Hun scenario over Stalingrad. 

Page 126              A Grave Day at the Canal.  An I Ain’t Been Shot Mum scenario on the Dunkirk perimeter from Robert Avery



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