2010 Summer Special


The TooFatLardies Summer Special for 2010 is absolutely packed with top class wargaming content.  A mix of scenario and articles from an international collection of authors.  This product is 140 pages of advert free content and is just £5 for a bumper printer friendly pdf.

This Special contains the following articles.

Page 5            Lifeline to Malta  A mini-campaign system for Bag the Hun. 

Page 13            Tet a Tet  The battle for Hue with rules for urban conflict and three linked scenarios.

Page 27              A Most Ludicrous Thing Cavalry and armour cooperation on the Western Front

Page 39            The Battle for Monocacy A scenario for They Couldn’t Hit an Elephant

Page 43            Brag the Hun  Strap-on rules for attacking ground targets in Bag the Hun.

Page 52            Make Sail for Montevideo  A small action scenario for Kiss Me Hardy.

Page 56            That Fakin’ Fakir  North West Frontier action with a Mud and Blood scenario.
Page 60            Last Chance on the Tigris  A scenario for If the Lord Spares Us

Page 67            A Bird in the Trees  A search and rescue scenario for Charlie Don’t Surf.
Page 71            The Mad Baron and the Living Buddha  Mud and Blood heads for the Arse End of Nowhere
Page 74            What a Blinder  Thoughts on more attractive Blinds
Page 78            A Return to Sicily  Areturn to Sicily with this scenario for IABSM.
Page 83            A Matter of Mathematics  A new character for Sharp Practice with a great fun scenario.
Page 87            Cardless TW&T  Some ideas for playing TW&T without cards
Page 90            You’re Havin’ a LAAF  Lazy Anti Aircraft Formula for Bag the Hun
Page 94            The Battle of Mill Springs  A battle for They Couldn’t Hit an Elephant
Page 105          Manchu Alpha  A scenario for Charlie Don’t Surf.
Page 111          The Battle of Tamames Spain, 1809, a scenario for Le Feu Sacré
Page 114         The Disturbance of an Ant Heap  Part two of our look at armour and cavalry in the Great War
Page 120          Tally Ho!  British jets (and a few others) of the Bag the Mig era.
Page 121        Tour of Duty, the Alternative Ending  
Page 123          Toro!  A Mud & Blood scenario set in the Spanish Civil War.

Page 126          Return to Sicily Part Two  A second scenario for IABSM.

Page 131        The Flight of the Golden Pheasant.  A WWII skirmish scenario for for Mud and Blood or TW&T. 

Page 136          Winning Here With Charlie  Charlie’s tactics in the Vietnam War 


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