2009 Summer Special


1.  Algernon Pulls a Fast One, a complete fast-play rule set for WWI air combat

2.  Bloody Halfaya, an Operation Battleaxe scenario for IABSM

3.  The Battle of Salem Church, an ACW scenario for They Couldn’t Hit an Elephant

4.  Sid’s Trenches, Master builder Sid shows us how to build trenches for WWI games on a budget

5.  Playing Fast and Loose, a step by step guide to game design from Big Rich

6.  Like a Rollin’ Stonne, Robert Avery presents a France 1940 scenario for IABSM

7.  Blue Swastika Rampant, The Finnish Winter War for Bag the Hun

8.  Action at Balls Bluff.  Chris Stoesen presents a series of ACW scenarios for Sharp Practice

9. Meet the Fokkers.  A Winter War senario for Bag the Hun

10.  Jean Has a Long Moustache.  Three French Resistance scenarios for IABSM and TW&T

11. Attack on Camp El Juba, a Messopotamia scenario for If the Lord Spares Us

12.  Ils ne Passeront Pas.  Great War expert Tom Hoff provides us with this Verdun scenario for Through the Mud and the Blood.

13.  Hurrah for Toad.  Representing less than heroic Big Men in IABSM

14.  Mama Told Me Not to Come.  Nuno Pereira take us to Portuguese Guinea for this anti-terrorist raid for B’Maso!

15.  The Battle of Alcaniz, A Franco-Spanish scenario for Le Feu Sacre

16. Another Lazy TW&T.  Joe Legan takes another laid back look at gaming WWII with his lazy version of Troops, Weapons and Tactics.

17.  War on the Trenches.  Rob Broom works his magic and produces some superb looking Kalistra trench terrain

18.  Bag the Hun 2.  Squadron Leader Johnny Danger tempts us with a look at the forthcoming second edition of Bag the Hun.

19.  Somme Enchanted Evening.  The French Canadians of the Van Doos storm Courcelette in 1916 with Through the Mud and the Blood.

20.  Six of the Best.  A Winter War scenario for Bag the Hun

21.  Fondler’s Filly.  Captain Richard Fondler finds himself endangered by the actions of the West Sussex’s Colonel with this rip-roaring adventure for Sharp Practice.



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