2008 Summer Special


Up Your TW&T – A Spanish Civil War supplement crossing Up Your Cara al Sol with TW&T
Kriegsspiel 1866 – An 1862 rule variant for the Austro-Prussian War with details for Austrian forces to field against your Prussians.
Algy Flies East – Chapter Three. More aerial adventures in Revolutionary as Algy takes on a Red armoured train.
The Battle of Espinosa – a Le Feu Sacre double scenario for the 200th Anniversary
Bag the Jedi – We blast into space with this fun Bag the Hun variant for space travellers everywhere
Holding the Line – WWII German defensive tactics on the Eastern Front examined in this in-depth article
Algernon Flies South – A spectacular Great War southern front supplement for Algernon Pulls it Off from Chris Stoesen with previously unpublished data on this theatre and a campaign system to boot.
The Battle for the Annaberg – Freikorps clash with Poles in this Triumph of the Will scenario in Lower Silesia, 1921.
Les Attaques – A photo article as we visit a 1940 battlefield just outside Calais.
Remember Nelson – A Kiss Me Hardy scenario for the battle of Lissa 1811
Everybody Wants an Ace, Part II. Joe Legan covers minor WWII airforces for Bag the Hun
Cholm 1942 – IABSM and TW&T scenarios for this siege on the Eastern Front
A Full Nelson – historical Sharp Practice scenario ideas as Nelson storms Vera Cruz
The Return of the Melon Smuggler’s Daughter – Kriegsspiel at Salute, scenario and analysis
To Serve Spain – A Republican tank is the target of the Moors in a scenario for Up Your TW&T.
Algy Flies East – Chapter Four. An old enemy returns to haunt Algy and the men of 47 Squadron in South Russia, 1919
The Hand of Capitaine Danjou – An 1863 French Foreign Legion in Mexico scenario for Sharp Practice
Fellatio on the Beach – The launch of Sharp Practice, scenario and photos
Grand Designs – Building beautiful and robust buildings on a budget, by Sidney “Lifter” Roundwood.
Crosses in the Kuban – Cross of Iron scenarios for IABSM and TW&T
Smoke on the Water – AN 1866 Kriegsspiel introductory scenario


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