2008 Christmas Special


Oh! What a Lovely TW&T, Max Maxwell presents a Troops, Weapons & Tactics supplement for the Great War.
Nelson’s Valentines Day Massacre, Fat Nick tackles Cape St Vincent for Kiss Me Hardy
The Bruneval Raid, Operation Biting, James Davies presents a classic airborne scenario for IABSM
Last Sortie Over Rostov Bridge, Algernon Flies East, Chapter Five
Banzai! Richard Morrill presents this comprehensive supplement for gaming Burma with TW&T and IABSM.
Cossacks at War and Peace, Chris Stoesen heads east for some Russian Sharp Practice.
DutchCap, Fat Nick puts on his favourite heargear with this 1940 scenario for Bag the Hun.
Berezina Bridgehead. Tom Ballou converts this SkirmishCampaigns scenario for TW&T.
Bad Wolf and the Cannibals Nuno Pereira of Portugal whisks us off to Africa with this B’Maso scenario.
Corps Blimey! Big Rich retires to his Chateau and sends millions to their deaths with the flourish of a pen. It’s a set of Great War rules on a grand scale.
They Don’t Like it Up ‘Em! Sudan rules in the Gilder manner with a sprinkling of Lard-dust.
Watch out you Fuzzy Wuzzies! The Battle of El Teb. A scenario for the above. What’s yours? An heroic death or four feathers…
Nip & Tuck. Max Maxwell provides us with a Great War scenario for his lovely TW&T.
Field Companion to Shooting Elephants. Daz gives us his thoughts on our latest rules set
A Damnably Close Run Thing. Scott Dallimore presents his Sharp Practice variant for the Indian Mutiny.
Up the Arsenal. Damn your eyes, it’s a Sharp Practice scenario for the Mutiny.
Rutherford’s Farm. Tom Ballou presents an ACW scenario for They Couldn’t Hit an Elephant.
Swings & Roundabouts. Gauleiter Maxwell mans the barricades in this twin-option scenario for IABSM.
Rubber Boats & Macho Men. Chest-wigs at the ready, it’s more Portuguese Africa for B’Maso
Speerspitz. Great War scenario as the Stormtroopers launch their attack with a lovely TW&T.
Are You a Lazy TW&T? An alternative firing and morale system with TW&T.
Prelude to Vimtoria. From the Halls of Wally HQ comes a Le Feu Sacre Scenario for the Penninsula. You’ve read the report, now play the game.
Thunderwolf. Fat Nick streaks across the Normandy sky as he takes on the pick of the Luftwaffe with Bag the Hun.
Sunray is Down. More from Fat Nick as he storms the Argies at Goose Green with Colonel H Jones with this scenario for IABSM and We’ll Have to Bloody Walk.


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