2007 Summer Special


Not another Bloody Poet! – The Great War examined as a gaming period
SturmAbteilung Vor! – A complete Great War supplement for IABSM
No Stopping on Platform One – A Great War scenario for SV.
The Battle of Heilsburg – A Bi-centennial refight with le Feu Sacre.
Stout Hearted Men – British recce tactics for Troops, Weapons & Tactics
Escaping the Spanish Prison – Nelson and Hardy try to avoid being banged up, with Kiss Me Hardy.
Back to Bases – How to base your figures the Flyingonads way. The Adonis of the brush tells all.
Algernon & The Brown Hatta Jasta – Chapter Five “No Gentleman” Algernon risks life and limb for a spy!
Last Boat to Pantelleria – Fallschirmjagers try to escape from Tunisia, an IABSM scenario
Kriegsspiel – An introduction to a forthcoming Lardy product.
D-Day at Haut Fornell – A double scenario, IABSM and TW&T, for Normandy 1944.
Get Dillinger – Kamikaze fun with Mike Brian and Bag the Hun.
Things are a Bit ‘Ard – A complete WWI East Africa supplement to ITLSU
Tanga – Day 1 – The classic East Africa scenario, mad bees to the fore.
The Capture of Apach – The final scenario from Chris Stoesen’s 1939 Saar campaign.
Wave Goodbye to Adolf – Historical WWI action with Algernon Pulls it off
Red Petrograd – Triumph of the Will scenario for the Russian Civil War.
Tanga Day 2 – The second installment from the Durham lads.
Battle of Echmuhl – A double Napoleonic scenario for le Feu Sacre
Operation H – Salute report
One of Our Planes is Missing – Max Maxwell provides a colonial scenario for IABSM
In Jordan’s Hit Valley – Appearing like a mirage Fat Nick pens a Great War scenario for ITLSU
Patrouille Polonaise – Polish airmen in 1940 France with Bag the Hun
Nice One Kiril – An Eastern front scenario from 1942 with IABSM
The Other Mboto Gorge – More East Africa action from the Durham gang
Against All Odds. Hornblower in action again in a literary bash for KMH
Algernon & The Brown Hatta Jasta – Chapter Six “England Expects” Algernon risks life and limb shaving his palms


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