2007 Christmas Special


1. Zut Alors! France 1940 supplement for TW&T
2. Algy Flies East chapter 1, Algernon and the Vulgar Boatman
3. The Battle of Heilsberg Part Two. LFS scenario
4. Arnehm VC. An IABSM/TW&T scenario
5. Flying with the Witch, the FINAL Hornblower scenario
6. Critical Damage for BTH, an alternative.
7. The Bridge at Auville, IABSM Normandy scenario
8. Umpiring Kriegsspiel. Tips, ideas and photos of a fat bloke.
9. Mosquito Coast. a BTH scenario
10. Vauchamps 1814, LFS scenario
1. Fox Two, Bag the Hun for the jet age, a supplement.
12. Arab Israeli War, History, stats, scenarios
13. Battle for Ephey, Great War IABSM scenarios
14. A Tight Ring. More deadful puns for ITLSU in the Jordan Valley
15. A Fruit Salad at Beda Fomm. IABSM 1941 desert scenario
16. Kampfgurppe von Reisswitz, Marsch! WWII Kriegsspiel thoughts
17. The Brig in Buzzzards Bay. 1812 Kiss Me Hardy with Colonials
18. Here Comes the Cavalry. WWII US cavalry tactics
19. Are You Ready for Some Football? 1969 football war for BTH
20. He Who Would Valiant Be. A Kriegsspiel scenario
21. Everybody Wants an Ace. Character generation for BTH
22 Converting Skirmish Campaigns to TW&T
23. Budyenny’s Red Cossacks, Algy takes on a festering old Red
24. Jusht a Small one… A TW&T scenario for Dunkirk 1940
25. Down at the Dockyard, building, painting and riging KMH ships.
26. Bust & Run. Bag the Mig scenario for Korean


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