2006 Summer Special


What’s for Afters – Pegasus Bridge scenarios on D-Day – the full story
Square Hill, A Middle East WWI scenario for If the Lord Spares Us
Bob’s Your Heinkel, Bag the Hun scenario
Grabbing Mussolini’s Baubles, IABSM for the Interwar colonial conflicts
Trouble Brewing Up, a North West Frontier Scenario for the above
I’ll Be Seein’ Ya. An East Africa scenario for the above
Algernon Pulls it Off (Part One) A scenario for Algy
Old Meets New, Line versus Column in Napoleonic Warfare
Le Feu Supplement for 1805-1807
Le Feu Sacre Army Lists for the above
Autobahn to Boppard, US versus German forces in 1945 scenario
Aaah, Condor. SCW stats for Bag the Hun
Painting AFVs, more tips from Uncle Rich
A different Kettle of Fish. MGs in the Great War
Kiss Me Hardy Campaign Supplement. Follow Your Captain’s Career on the High Seas
Guards, TO POLTAVA! A Russian Civil War mini-campaign for Triumph of the Will
Geoff the Builder. How to build GREAT buildings for your games
A Skirmish Campaigns translation for IABSM from Tom Ballou
Opportunity Mist. Calder’s Action for Kiss Me Hardy
Danzig 1945. With the Red Army breaking into the city, the Wehrmacht fight on. An IABSM Scenario.
Tobruk. Aussies versus Italians for IABSM
Vierzehnheiligen – A Le Feu Sacre scenario
Malaya. A Games Day report with full scenarios and briefings.
Algernon Pulls it Off (Part Two). Can Algy and Ginger defeat the Brown Hatta Hasta?
Boulton Massacre. A Bag the Hun scenario from the Battle of Britain
Neunkirchen 1939 – French versus Germans in the Saar.
Hornblower. His first ever action recreated for Kiss Me Hardy
Kelvin’s Jungle. How to build jungle that looks great.


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