2006 Christmas Special


Bag the MiG – Bag the Hun supplement for the air war in Korea
An Easy Start, Hoagy’s Fury – A scenario for Bag the MiG
Action off the Wash – German Kommandoes land on the East Coast, a scenario for IABSM
The Making of Eylau – A Le Feu Sacre report on the bi-centennial refight
An Ungentlemanly Challenge – A scenario for Algernon Pull it Off
Gully Ravine – A Gallipoli scenario for If the Lord Spares Us
Hitler Has Only Got One Gaul – SS Charlemagne, a bit of history and three scenarios for IABSM
Pole Attack – Bag the Hun Poles in Battle of Britain action
El Supremo’s Ship, Natividad – Another scenario for Fellatio Lawnmower and Kiss Me Hardy
Taxes, Tea & Tories – An AWI supplement for Le Feu Sacre
Bunker Hill – A scenario from the AWI
Hello Big Boys – An introduction to Troops, Weapons & Tactics
Direct from Detroit – A ScenarioCampaigns conversion for IABSM from Tom Ballou
Crisis, What Crisis? – Join the Lardmobile as it streaks across Belgium. Is this a report on the show or evidence for the prosecution?
Algeciras – Kiss Me Hardy and two scenarios featuring Nelson
Madagascan Martletts – A Vichy run in for Bag the Hun
Advance to Kut – If the Lord Spares us heads for Messpots with this scenario
Ding Dong – Spanish Civil War action on the Ebro for Triumph of the Will
Tanks Forward – 1939 action in the Saar for IABSM with Chris Stoessen
The Return of the Pink Poacher – More trouble for Algernon above the trenches of the Western Front
Guilford Courthouse – A scenario for Taxes, Tea & Tories.
Operation Haut Vents – Superb terrain making for a Convention Game from boccage-meister Tom Ballou
The Lardest Day – News of Plans for an International Games Day
Brown’s First Kill – Bag the MiG scenario from Korea
Rattling Sabres – Another Bag the MiG scenario from Korea
All I Want for Christmas is my Wings Swept Back – Yet another Bag the MiG scenario from Korea
Bagging the B29 – Surely not another? Yes, but this time shoot up the Yanks.


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