2005 Summer Special


An Unholy Mess – A 1947-49 Arab Israeli War supplement for IABSM
Night & day at Imphal – A Burma scenario for IABSM
Wing 151 – Bag the Hun article plus scenarios
Hornblower, On Company Business – a KMH scenario
Stalingrad – a Games Day report and scenarios
Supersize M.E. – Three Napoleonic scenarios for LFS
Royal Tanks – An IABSM scenario from Skirmish Campaigns
Knackering Panzers – Infantry anti-tank tactics for IABSM
Salute 2005 – a report plus scenarios for IABSM
Horn of the Rhino – Madagascar 1942 for IABSM
At the Napoleonic Fair – an article re LFS
Bag the Ton – a scenario for BTH
The Initiation of Dashwood-Brown – An IABSM scenario for Normandy 1944
A Rather British Blitzkrieg – Article and scenario for TotW, RCW 1919
Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Bulge scenario for IABSM
Refighting Trafalgar – The ultime KMH scenario
Gudbransdal – Norway 1940 scenario for IABSM
In the Path of God – AIW scenarios for An Unholy Mess
The terrain maker – Sid trims his bush


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