2004 Summer Special


Up Your Cara Al Sol. A Spanish Civil War supplement for IABSM.
A Test of Seamanship. A Hornblower scenario for Kiss Me Hardy.
A Bunch of Limey Gangsters. A Commando unit in WWII with scenarios for IABSM
Bag the Hun, and introduction.
Montebello. A Napoleonic scenario for Le Feu Sacre.
Gott in Himmel! A guide to German tactics in WWII for IABSM.
Oi, That’s my Truck. A 1940 scenario for IABSM
No Parsaran. An SCW scenario for UYCAS
The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck. A Kiss Me Hardy Scenario for the Battle of the Nile.
They Came from the Sea. Ideas for commando raids for IABSM!
A Grand Day Out. Photos and comments from the Napoleonic Fair demo game.
Will to Win. An introduction and scenario for Triumph of the Will.
Dunkirk Games Day. All six scenarios from the IABSM Dunkirk Games Day.
Fiction or Friction? An introduction to le Feu Sacre.
If the Lord Spares Us. A photo trailer for our WWI Palestine rules.
Command in Le Feu Sacre.
Auntie Sidney’s Problem Page. IABSM questions answered.


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