2004 Christmas Special


We’ll Have to Bloody Walk. A Falklands War supplement for IABSM
Lotnictwo Wojskowe and Fall Weiss. The Polish Airforce of WWII and article and Bag the Hun scenario.
Bringing Home the Chickens. An IABSM scenario for WWII.
Lard Uber Kreta. The background organisation and scenarios for the IABSM Crete Games Day.
Quatre Bras. A Le Feu Sacre scenario.
Operation Goodwood. An IABSM 1944 scenario.
Engage the Enemy More Closely. A Hornblower scenario for Kiss Me Hardy.
Aufklarungs Abteilung Vor. German reconnaissance tactics of WWII for IABSM.
Recon in Le Feu Sacre.
Bag the Hun Stats. An expansion pack for Bag the Hun.
Fire for Effect. WWII artillery practices and how to reflect them in IABSM.
Underpants of Dread. The Blue Division in WWII with three scenarios.
Converting Skirmish Campaigns to IABSM scenarios.
Sid’s Olives. Terrain making from Sid.
Flight from Smershk, a RCW scenario for Triumph of the Will.
Le Feu Sacre Rules Clinic
Turning a Blind Eye. Nelson at Copenhagen for Kiss Me Hardy.
Two Sisters, a Pub Garden and a Zulu. Two Falklands scenarios for We’ll Have to Bloody Walk


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