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Poland 1939 – The First Chain of Command Download

Polish ArmyWith Chain of Command published we thought we would kick off the army list downloads in the most appropriate manner with Poland in 1939. Poland had been a battleground for centuries and in September 1939 it was the unprovoked German invasion which triggered the beginning of the biggest war known to man.
Over the coming weeks and months we plan to provide numerous supplementary lists for a wide variety of forces covering the whole of the Second World War. We are encouraging Chain of Command gamers to show off their own specialist knowledge by submitting lists for forces so that we can get maximum coverage as soon as possible. In preparing the Polish list we have been helped tremendously by Alexander Kawczynski who has translated the standard Polish infantry manual for the period to allow us to create an accurate picture of how the Poles fought. You can read all about his efforts on his blog here:
The Polish Army List shows the structure we will be using for all of our army lists. It breaks down the Platoon with a force rating. It shows the possible list of supports available and their list value, and also provides an Arsenal for that nation with its weapons lists.
You can download the Polish infantry army list for 1939 here: Poland – Infantry 1939


23 thoughts on “Poland 1939 – The First Chain of Command Download”

  1. Unfortunately, this document does not work well on my iPad, any chance someone could correct this? Several pieces of text are overlaid on others and it looks as though some parts of the list are missing .

  2. In my opinion tankette TK 3 with 20mm was not used in fight.
    As I can read TKS with 20mm was about 20-24 pieces only in september 39.
    So, TK3 with 20mm nkm is not true.

  3. To confirm my previous comment I include below information and web site addres:
    Cannon-armed TK-3
    The Polish military authorities eventually decided to rearm a number of older TK-3 (TK) tankettes as well, in order to provide TK-equipped units with cannons without mixing equipment types. In the end of 1938, one TK-3 tankette was experimentally fitted with the FK-A cannon, with addition of a front superstructure on the right side, before the commander-gunner, making it similar to the TKS. The commander was also given the Gundlach reversible periscope, what demanded replacing a front part of a wide common roof hatch with two smaller individual hatches. In January 1939 this conversion was approved, and an appropriate instruction was worked out on 14 August 1939. It was planned to rearm 16 tankettes TK by 15 September 1939, but there is no evidence, that they were completed. The fate of the prototype is not known; the cannon might have been removed from it after testing the conversion (it is not known either, if the prototype was constructed of armoured steel or mild steel).

  4. Top man again Rich, looking forward to the German list. While everyone will want their own favourite covered in seems logical to continue on a timeframe. Oh that means my favourite 1940 coincidence surely althogether now “Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler”.
    Oh and thanks to Alexander agree great site simply terrific home grown campaign guide for 1939 more use for IABSM though than FOW.

  5. I second the hope for the 1940 lists, French, British, Belgium and Holand.
    Chain of command would be fantastic to portray some of the German Airborne opertions in Holand. The idea of German paratroopers almost losing to a cobbled together defense would be great.

  6. Steve, have a look at Pithead Miniatures.
    Cheers Carl
    (If this message turns up several times it is because I am trying to get past getting put on hold waiting for moderation, which I suspect has to do with links in the message)

  7. The Polish list looks very interesting, but I’m a bit puzzled about the length of the List 4 options and what’s in there. List 4 seems to include everything from a TKS with a machine gun to a 7TP. Given the choice of the two at no additional cost, everyone will choose the 7TP. Surely the tankettes should either be cheaper or the 7TP & H35s more expensive??

  8. So they have no options for non-vehicular MGs? That seems like it will cause some tactical considerations… Those nice big squads should make for some pretty aggressive CC tactics if you can close the gap though.
    I am hoping for French and early Germans next.

    1. The list makes no claims about reflecting rarity. It merely provides the stats for vehicles which existed. Going forward lists for specific units in particular campaigns can be produced to reflect levels of availability. This, however, is simply a master list for Poland per se.

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