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Big is not the word to describe Play the Game; at 286 pages this compendium of Great War material taken from the TooFatLardies Specials from 2004 up to Summer 2015 this represents a colossal one stop shop for those interested in gaming what was one of the most dynamic periods of development in the history of warfare.  But just what is in Play the Game?  The contents cover articles, scenarios, campaigns and game systems to  be used with If the Lord Spares Us and Through the Mud & Blood as well as some map kriegsspiel ideas with Corps Blimey and ideas for using Chain of Command for the Great War and some terrain building content.  Here’s a full list of contents:
If the Lord Spares Us, an introduction to the rules
Attack on El Mughar, A Palestine 1917 scenario for ITLSU
Square Hill, A Palestine 1918 scenario for ITLSU
A Different Kettle of Fish.  Using machine guns in ITLSU
Advance to Kut!  An ITLS scenario in Iraq 1915
Not Another Bloody Poet.  An overview of the Great War for the gamer
Things are a Bit ‘Ard.  ITLSU amendments for East Africa
Tanga, Day One. An ITLSU scenario in East Africa 1914
Tanga,  Day Two, An ITLSU scenario in East Africa 1914
The Other Mboto Gorge.  An ITLSU scenario in East Africa 1916
In Jordan’s Hot Valley.  An ITLSU Scenario in Palestine 1918
A Tight Ring.  An ITLS scenario in Syria 1918
Corps Blimey.  Some Great War kriegsspiel ideas and a sample Hindenburg Line scenario for 1917
Sid’s Trenches.  A trench terrain project from the master builder.
Attack on Camp el Juba.  An ITLSU scenario in Mesopotamia 1915
Ils Ne Passeront Pas.  Mud &  Blood scenario at Verdun 1916
Somme Enchanted Evening.  Mud & Blood scenario on the Somme 1916
The Game to End all Games.  A western front scenario for Mud & Blood
Revenge at Camp El Juba, An ITLS scenario in Mesopotamia 1915
Last Chance on the Tigris.  An ITLSU scenario in Iraq 1916
The Disturbance of an Antheap.  An Amiens 1918 scenario for Mud & Blood
Winter Sports.  A trench raiding game generator for Mud & Blood
Rolling into Action.  Representing the Tank Corps at Third Ypres, 1917, some ideas for Mud & Blood
Rolling In to Action:  The Scenarios.  Two tank action scenarios for Third Ypres 1917
Midnight at the Oasis.  A Lawrence of Arabia scenario for Mud & Blood
Insurrection is Mesopotamia.  Two scenarios for Iraq in the 1920s with Mud & Blood
Storm of Dice.  Using ITLSU on the Western Front
Sidney Gets Woods.  Building shattered woods for the Western Front
A Brief Affair.  Invading the German colony of Rabaul in 1914 with Mud & Blood
Passchendaele, The Bitter Victory.  Reflecting on this 1917 battle in the mud
In the Salient.  Three Scenarios for Passchendaele 1917 for Mud & Blood
Just the Right Sort of Chap.  Creating characters for Mud & Blood.
More Sturmabteilung Vor!  Stormtrooper tactics examined and expanded for Mud & Blood
Stosstrupptaktik!  A Pre-Game System for Mud & Blood
The Green Fields Beyond.  Training Troops for the long anticipated break out.  1917 to 1918.  Three scenarios for Mud & Blood
In Flanders Field.  A look at early war British and German fire and movement tactics.
In the Last Ditch Again.  A Retreat from Mons 1914 rearguard action with Mud & Blood.
Cocking Up Mud & Blood.  Thoughts on blending Chain of Command with Mud & Blood.  Rule amendments, Army Lists and scenario adaptations
Kaiserschlacht 1918.  A Pint-Sized campaign for the Spring Offensive of 1918.  Six Scenarios for Mud & Blood and Chain of Command
Handgranaten!  A look at bombing and grenade tactics through the Great War
Loos. At your Convenience.   A Pint-Sized campaign for this 1915 battle with four scenarios.
Play the Game is normally available for £12.00, but throughout November we have 20% off all of our Great War related products, making this fantastic collection just £9.60.


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