Pickett’s Charge Sale – You Decide

Pickett’s Charge had been in the new this week, with it’s first major appearance at a UK show at Salute last weekend and some really positive feedback from that an other gamers who have been giving the rules are run out.  Game Designer Dave Brown received a really interesting report from Adam Poole who, along with John Drewienkiewicz, had tried Pickett’s Charge for the first time.  Adam and John have both been involved in the writing the ACW books in the Wargaming in History range from Ken Trotman Books so it was very interesting to see how they got on.  You can read all about their experience here:  Pickett’s Charge First Game
To help you make your mind up about what we think are the most exciting rule sets to arrive for the ACW in years, we are running a flash sale between now and the 2nd of March where the hard copy of the rules is just £20 and the PDF is only £12.  You can find the hard copy here:  Pickett’s Charge Hard Copy
And the PDF here:   Pickett’s Charge PDF
Whichever option you choose, we are confident that you’ll be inspired by these rules.


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