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Pickett’s Charge FAQ Available

From the pen of Dave Brown comes the keenly awaited FAQ for Pickett’s Charge, the great ACW battle rules from our sister company, Reisswitz Press.  In true Jefferson Davies style, Dave has spent hours in a his Presidential residence, providing his  latest views, opinions and thoughts on the questions that gamers have been asking him before donning a dress and heading for the border.  Here, in vivid PDF format, we can read the words of President Brown:  PC FAQ


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Getting the Horn Part Four: I Fort the Law

Well, as suggested yesterday, with time slipping through our fingers, this was the time for action.  I set myself the target of designing and building the fort and also painting the sea.  If nothing else, seeing stuff completed was going to be a much needed morale boost. Fail to plan, plan to fail, or so

Mitteleuropa: The Lutheran Church

With the Freikorps complete, I really needed to push on with the Germanic buildings which would populate my mitteleuropa landscape.  I had splashed out sixty quid on a very nice twin-domed church and I wanted something a little more austere, and cheap, for the Lutheran congregation.  I turned to eBay where second hand model railway

The Road to Stalingrad: Leutnant Mueller’s Iron Cross

As readers of Lard Island News will know, there is nothing I like more than a game with narrative; apart, that is, from a game with really good tactics AND narrative.  A good story can often be heroic, sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, but a display of good tactics when combined with a good leadership narrative

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