On the Wagon? Warbases Products for Sharp Practice

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When we set about writing the second edition of Sharp Practice we wanted to ensure that the games provided plenty of opportunity for a built in narrative, especially when one strings several games together into a campaign.  The Pint Sized campaigns we have produced for Chain of Command have been hugely popular (fear not, more are on the way) and Sharp Practice seems to offer an even greater opportunity for some real rip-roaring adventures set over five or so games.  Indeed, some part of the rules have been written with such future developments in mind.
One such aspect is the generic support options which are available for all forces.  Whilst, in a one-off game, dragging along a Priest or a Water bowser may seem slightly off the wall – we do rather prefer to add as many blokes with guns as we can – in a campaign setting some of these support options will really come into their own.
Three of the most prominent generic support options are wagons.  The Ammunition Wagon, the Water Cart and the Engineering Wagon.  In a mini-campaign the ability to replenish stocks of ammunition or water, or to be able to build or destroy things become very important and these support choices will really come into their own.  So, in view of their significance, we decided to approach our long-term partners Warbases to produce some suitable vehicles for us.  We have worked with Warbases for years with them designing a number of products to enhance our games such as the garden terrain packs we launched at Salute last year and the Dux Britanniarum sabot bases which are so useful for a wide range of periods.  This time, I’m glad to say that Martin really came up with the goods, produing three vehicles which really fit the bill.
Here’s the ammunition wagon.  This is all MDF (the horse is one of their metal horses which I selected to pull the wagon) .
Here’s the water cart which is MDF but with the barrel cast in resin.  Again the horse is from the Warbases range of metal creatures.
And finally the engineering cart.  Here the load is resin and designed to our specifications to include lots of stuff that Engineers may find useful.
IMG_2584 IMG_2586
I painted mine in a neutral grey colour as I am  going to use these right across the period to serve in numerous armies.  Clearly you can paint them to be specific to a particular force.  The designs are suitably generic that they will serve in any army of the period and beyond.  The good news is that the ammunition wagon is just £3, the water cart just £4 and the Engineering cart £6.  You can select from a range of draft horses on Warbases web site.
The ammunition wagon can be found here:  http://war-bases.co.uk/ACCESSORIES/Carts-Wagon?product_id=714
The Water cart here:  http://war-bases.co.uk/ACCESSORIES/Carts-Wagon?product_id=717
The Engineering wagon here:  http://war-bases.co.uk/ACCESSORIES/Carts-Wagon?product_id=716
And a wide selection of animals can be found here, some of which are suitable for pulling the above:   http://war-bases.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=131_156


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  1. Just assembled a set myself last night. Very cool models. I’m putting two horses on the engineer wagon. Looks bloomin heavy. I’m too kind to my draught horses! War bases come up trumps once again.

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