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More Tamiya Magic – Just Like That!

Postman Pat arrived with another parcel in his bright red van today, the Tamiya 1:48th scale German Infantry set. Here’s a snap of the box. They do about three sets of Jerries but this one looked to be the most “vanilla” with the stuff I wanted in it. Which is, of course, not men but bits.

I am particularly looking for bits and bobs to festoon the SdKfz 251s that I am gradually putting together as bits arrive in the post. Well, this box was no disappointment. In the photos below, you can see, at left, how a Tamiya 1:48th chap compares to a 28mm figures from Artizan.. You wouldn’t want to use the figures, they certainly look rather different in their proportions to the “characterful” (ahem) sculpting we wargamers have got used to, but you can certainly see that they are close enough for the 1:48th kit to mix with the 28mm models. Let’s have a look in the box.
There were actually four sprues, two of German chaps who are now destined for the bin, and two like this one which were full of kit. Helmets, helmets in camo covers, water bottles, panzerfausts, ammo boxes, ammo belts, entrenching tools, binoculars, gas mask containers, holsters, replacement MG barrels…well, you name it and it was in there.
So, without further ado I stuck some bits on the three troop carrying halftracks. I have mixed it in with some of the stowage from the jerry can/barrel set and I think they are going to look very nice when completed.

I do have a bit of a conundrum, I want to add the 37mm anti-tank gun to the platoon commander’s halftrack, not pictured here, so I reckon that I am going to have to resort to a bit of kit bashing. Buy the AT gun in its normal state and then get some plasticard and marry the half-track and the gun together. I haven’t done anything like this for many, many years, but I am quite enthused by my experience with the knocked out 251 I did the other day with the open back doors. Here’s a snap of it alongside a Corgi Panther I resprayed at the same time.

More Tamiya stuff is on the way so I shall rview that as and when it arrived.


1 thought on “More Tamiya Magic – Just Like That!”

  1. Nice, pictures good show of what one can do when looking outside the wargamers industry. I like the cluttered look of these models. Add some light battle damage, dents etc.
    Just a tip: next time glue the entrenching tool right side up; With the blade behind the handle like you show them on the sprue.
    Just a question . is “chain of command ” TWAT2 ?

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