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May Madness Monster Prize Draw Begins

May Madness HeaderYes, we know what you’re thinking; they most certainly are a pair of beauties.  It will come as no surprise to regulars on Lard Island that for my money Battlegames has been ahead of the pack when it comes to wargames magazines, with it superb selection of fantastic articles and columns.  Well now I am glad to say that the hobby has just got even richer with the arrival of the newly revitalised Wargames Soldiers & Strategy.  Both of these magazines have got the enthusiasm for the hobby that keeps them in touch with the gamers at the grass roots and really represent what is best in the hobby.  But not only am I reccomending these great magazines, for the month of May we are offering two lucky customers the opportunity to win a years subscription to these publications as well as a host (well, four) other wizzard prizes.
So how do you enter the May Madness Monster Prize draw?  Well, it couldn’t be easier.  Spend £10 or more on our web site during the month of May and one entry will go into the draw for each £10 spent.  Nice and simple, so if you spend £20 you’ll get two entries, £50 you’ll get 5.  And, just to prove we have gone really mad, we will include the cost of postage in that calculation as well!
We’ll be firing up the Lard Island Draw machine on the 1st of June and winners will be announed that day.  As well as this cracking pair of beauties we’ll have prizes including rule sets, supplements and the world famous Lard Dice.  In truth you’d be mad to miss it!


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