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Le Feu Sacre III at SELWG

Great news for those who have been awaiting the re-release of le Feu Sacre, our Napoleonic wargames rules for Division and Corps sized actions.  We are very close to getting these to the printer, just some final formatting and proof-reading to be done.    Cover small
As a taster Darren, the rules author, will be running a refight of Wagram at SELWG this coming weekend which will see Lardies from across the country gather at Crystal Palace to give the rules a final test-drive.
For those at home and overseas who can’t make SELWG we can but tempt you with a look at the rules new cover.
What’s the ETA?  Well, November is a certainty, so keep your eyes peeled here or on our web site for news of its arrival.


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