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Le Feu Sacré III Arrive in Style

There is always a tremendous sense of satisfaction seeing the printer’s proofs for a new set of rules; it usually spells the end of a long period of hard work for me as editor getting everything print ready, as well as producing all the graphics and artwork.  This time, however, it was really something special.
Le Feu Sacré going to it third edition marks another milestone on the path to getting back in print titles that were only available in PDF format.  Rather than just reprint the old edition Darren, the rules author, was keen to expand the rules to cover a much broader period, right the way through from the Revolution to the Hundred Days, incorporating the work that he has been doing with the earlier period in particular over the last four or five years.
It is a great testament to just how good a job Darren has done with Le Feu Sacré.  In a market where new Napoleonic rules seem to be in vogue at present we are very pleased to be able to present a set of rules that has stood the test of time and that has evolved into what we think is one of our best and most popular rule sets.
Le Feu Sacré is now available to order for just £12 for a hard copy, £7 for a PDF and £15 for both hard and PDF versions.  Official release date is this Friday, the 27th of November.


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