Lard Workshop in Nottingham, 13th of August

We are very please to announce news of a brand new Lardy Games Day which will be talking place in Nottingham on the 13th of August in conjunction with the BHGS Britcon event. We have a fabulous venue lined up on the Nottingham Trent University campus and a veritable feast of Lardy games will be on offer in the usual congenial atmosphere of any Lardy Day.

But rather than me witter on about it, why not take a look at the brochure produced by the event’s organisers. You can find it here:


More Lard

Bamboo. A Pleasant Surprise

There are some aspects of terrain modelling that come as a surprise; sometimes for good reason, sometime for bad.  I usually find this occurs when I am over confident, I rush things and they go wrong.  But sometimes stuff you think will be easy turns out to be a bloody nightmare.  With bamboo, to my

The Fight for Galmanche – Designing an Historical Scenario for IABSM

Of all the British operations designed to attack in the Caen area in 1944 possibly the least talked about is Operation Charnwood which somehow seems to get lost among the Epsoms, Goodwood, Bluecoats and the likes.  This is particularly odd as Charnwood was successful in at last seizing the northern part of the city right

Vpered Na Berlin! IABSM Handbook Available

After an intense period of research and consultation we are very pleased to announce the Vpered Na Berlin in now available. Covering the Second World War on the Eastern Front from January 1943 to May 1945 the handbook contains comprehensive force listings for Germans, Soviets, Finns, Hungarians, Romanians and Yugoslavian Partisan forces along with a

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