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Lard Workshop in Nottingham, 13th of August

We are very please to announce news of a brand new Lardy Games Day which will be talking place in Nottingham on the 13th of August in conjunction with the BHGS Britcon event. We have a fabulous venue lined up on the Nottingham Trent University campus and a veritable feast of Lardy games will be on offer in the usual congenial atmosphere of any Lardy Day.

But rather than me witter on about it, why not take a look at the brochure produced by the event’s organisers. You can find it here:


More Lard

The Jug Seller is in Business

So, a quick paint job and Achmed the Jug Seller is in business. This stuff is a bit boring so I didn’t bother with a step by step photo record, suffice to say that I gave the whole thing a pinkish undercoat and then worked up from there with a mixture of household emulsion paints


Bridge on the River Fleiss

Further to our encounter with the forces of Strudelheim, Oberst von Sekka was both elated and yet frustrated.  There could be little doubt that the Strudelheimers were in some disorder and, whilst we had suffered some losses, we were in fine shape.  Our men were much enthused by the victory, and still there was the


Richard Ansell. Very sad News

It is with tremendous sadness that I must report the passing of the hugely talented sculptor and great friend of not just me but all of the Lard Island crew.  Sadly Richard passed away on the 11th of February due to complications with an old injury.  On the way to have exploratory surgery to repair

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