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Lard Magazine Launched

It’s here!  Lard Magazine is the must have accoutrement for the discerning wargamer with its eclectic mix of articles, scenarios, interviews, campaigns and a wealth of fresh ideas.  This launch edition is positively bulging with substance with the following content
Nassauers for Sharp Practice.  Fat Nicholas regales us with tales of brave Germans and how he recreated them for our best selling skirmish rules.
Review of the Year.  We take a stroll through 2018 and look at its highs, lows and the bits in the middle that were pretty much alright.
There are Many Rivers to Cross.  A complete 1940 Pint Sized campaign for Chain of Command with complimentary wet patch.
IABSM Lite.  Wargaming celebrity and all round good egg Mike Whittaker looks at how to strip down IABSM for action along with a scenario for said rules
Fifth Column. A new column by new Lardy convert Alister Campbell-Grieve looking at what drew him to the pleasures of Lard
Achtung Indianer.  Regular Lardy contributor James Crate looks at spotting and pre-game manoeuvre in Bag the Hun
Are You a Complete Tanker?  Rotund Nick talks tank tactics for top tanking times with What a Tanker.
Blitzkrieg Shortcut.  Robert Avery gives some tips on using the Blitzkrieg in the West supplement series for I AIn’t Been Shot Mum along with a scenario
Where there is Discord May we Bring Kriegsspiel.  Nick Skinner discuses using social media to run kriegsspiel games from afar.
Kazemat.  Richard looks at Dutch and Belgian bunker types for 1940.  How they were organised, used and how to build them
The Green Wolves meet the Fox.  Belgian Chasseur Ardennais encounter 7 Panzer in 1940.  A Scenario for Chain of Command
What an Ambush!  Wargames celebrity and Wizard to the Stars, Mike Hobbs, presents some ideas on how to add ambushes in What a Tanker.
Apache Attack.  A scenario for Bag the Hun with US dive bombers attacking a German rail yards.
Up Amongst the Pandies.  Simon Walker presents an Indian Mutiny scenario for Sharp Practice.  Watch out for those baboons!
Guards on the Escaut.  A 1940 Chain of Command scenario for the first VC action of WWII
Cold War.  Jeremy Ratcliffe brings I AIn’t Been Shot Mum forward to the Cold War with rule amendments and Army Lists
Lard America.  Team Lard is Go in the US of A.  Here Lard Magazine discovers what’s happening on the Lard scene across the pond
Kriegsspiel Cocktail.  Charles Eckart shakes and stirs Lardy classic If the Lord Spares Us in with Kriegsspiel to get a cocktail with a big kick.
Command & Control at Chickamauga.  Godfather of wargaming, Dave Brown, considers events at Chickamauga with a scenario for Pickett’s Charge
Aubergine Autos.  Nick has the decorators in with this build article using a Charlie Foxtrot model to build a garage fit for a Frenchman.
Barkmann Corner Overdrive.  This classic scenario for What a Tanker has wowed the crowds around the shows, now you can play it at home.  Or elsewhere..
And Now the Weather…  Weather ideas in Bag the Hun from the pen of James Crate.
Dear Johnny.  Squadron Leader Johnny Danger signs off with a letter from an admirer.



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