Lard Magazine 2019 Arrives

Bulging waist lines are no strangers to Lard Island, but this 2019 Lard Magazine isn’t just fat, it’s morbidly obese when it comes to content.  A WHOPPING 190 pages, it is filled with some of the most varied and interesting content we have seen, either in Lard Magazine or any of the older Summer and Christmas Specials.  And what a time to arrive!  Just as you were wondering what to ask Father Christmas for when he arrives down your chimney next week.
But enough of this hyperbole, what’s in LardMagazine 2019?  Here’s a look at the full list of contents

A DEKKO AT RECCE:  Nick Skinner takes a look at British Recce for Chain of Command. 

THE BRIDGE AT SAINDOUX:  We send a British Recce Troop on a mission to see if a bridge will take Nick’s weight.

TO SLEEP IS TO DIE:  John Savage tells the story of his award winning scenario for Sharp Practice set  during the retreat from Moscow. Includes scenario.

2019  – A YEAR OF LARD:  12 months is a long time in the world of Lard. Richard Clarke & Nick Skinner have an alibi for all of it.

BLOODY OMAHA:  Mike Whitaker tells the story of an obsession with this scenario for I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum!

BAHAMAS BROADSIDE:  Chris Stoesen sails the seven seas and offers this small ship scenario for Kiss Me Hardy.

TOTENSONNTAG:  Marc Renouf presents a pint-sized campaign  set against the background of Operation Crusader, 1941.

A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS:  David Hunter, Lardy event organiser par excellence, shares his reflections and learnings on Lardy Games Days.  

ASSAULT ON PELELIU:  Hit the beach with this scenario for I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum from the pen of Tim Whitworth.

THE FRENCH CAVALRY CHARGES AT WATERLOO:  Wargaming superstar and housewife’s favourite David C R Brown peeks out from behind his cuirass to share the ultimate cavalry scenario for General D’Armee

THE CANNONBALL RUN:  Richard Clarke’s cupola runneth over with this break out game for What a Tanker!

BATTLE OF KARNSTEIN:  Tom McKinnell takes us to the Eastern Front for a Chain of Command Scenario with a difference.

THE LONGEST YOMP:  Rising talent Ioan Davis John takes us to the South Atlantic for this adaptation of Chain of Command for the Falklands War.

I AIN’T BEEN COC’D YET, MUM!:  Whilst working in the lab, late one night Desmondo Darkin created something… you need to see this.

CRUNCH AT KURSK:  Nick Skinner presents a Bag the Hun dogfight scenario for the skies above Kursk. 

PUSHING THE ENVELOPE:  Nothing is ever big enough for Simon Walker. Here he shares his thoughts on extending Sharp Practice into the Victorian Wars of the late 1890s and beyond. 

IT’S THE RIEL THING:  Simon Walker rises again and takes us to the depths of Canada for this Sharp Practice expansion.

GET CARTER!:  Richard Clarke teases us with a scenario for the Riel Rebellion.

RETREAT TO THE BEREZINA:  John Savage walks on frozen water with another 1812 scenario for  Sharp Practice.

WHAT A WHIZZ OF A WIZ…:  Richard Clarke and Nick Skinner finally complete Sidney’s Battlefield Challenge with the creation of this Chain of Command scenario for the 1944 fighting in the woods near Best, Holland.

INFAMY, INFAMY:  Richard Clarke offers an exclusive peek into an exciting new rule set headed your way in 2020. Blimus!

Where can one find such a feast of Lard?  Right here:  Lard Magazine 2019


1 thought on “Lard Magazine 2019 Arrives”

  1. Bartley Butsford

    IT’S THE RIEL THING: Simon Walker rises again and takes us to the depths of Canada for this Sharp Practice expansion.
    1885 Riel Rebellion in Canada for Sharp Practice! Jolly Good! There are some god article on this in ‘Battles of the Nineteenth Century’, which is now available for free PDF download at
    I hope Simon Walker is aware of the dedicated range of 25mm / 28mm figures from RAFM, who are best known for their pioneering range of figures for a somewhat better known Canadian conflict i.e. the French & Indian Wars figures:
    It would be worth the investment in figures, because there’s surely some Sharp Practice scope in the Fenian Raids into Canada of 1866 and 1870, as well as the Red River Expedition of 1870, as covered in quite an old (1992) Osprey book with colour paintings by Ilkeston’s finest, the late, great Rick Scollins: Canadian Campaigns 1860–70, Men-at-Arms 249, Author: David Ross, Grant Tyler, Illustrator: Richard Scollins:

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