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Lard Island Offices – On The Final Furlong

We really are seeing huge progress on Lard Island this week, as the builders have handed over the first tranche of work. Area One will contain Richard’s work space, his library and the gaming table along with a coffee table and chairs for more informal meetings and brain storming sessions. Today we spent a lot of time repatriating his shelves and some of his books. We’re trying to catalouge these into some kind of logical system so this is a slow process, but we’re getting there. We are not helped by the fact that much of the room is still stuffed to the gunnels with junk from other parts of the building, but that’s a job for this weekend.
Area One in the Early Structural PhaseAnd here’s a look at this same space today with Richard’s work station in the foreground and the book cases along the rear wall.
Area One Today - A Mess, but getting there.This photo doesn’t particularly show the depth of the room very well This area is about 24 foot deep, so there is ample room for the 8′ by 6′ table come map table to fit in between the work station and the book shelves. “We didn’t want the wargames table to have just one function. With four boards we can cover up the gaming table and have a large map table, or if we need it a huge conference table or somewhere to package up orders”. The whole space has been designed to fulfill a whole range of demands.
Area Two is still with the builders, or at least the decorators. Richard tells us “Nick had some rather grand ideas for his main workspace, as you an see by his original concept drawings.”
Skinner's Original Concept Picture.“I was looking for something far more contemporary, and frankly our budget just couldn’t stretch to something on that scale. Nevertheless he still got his imposing desk. He was very keen on working with something decorative with a large bust, so I got him one of Clausewitz.”
Area Two TodayThe idea of this space is that we can use it for normal meetings of up to six or seven people around the large desk. It’s a big number but not unknown when we start a projector deal with some of our business wargaming projects for corporate clients who want gaming on a grand scale.
The two areas form an L shape with a courtyard garden between the two, both having picture windows and doors out onto this area. In the summer this will be a great place to work and game. We certainly didn’t forget to advise the architect that we needed room for a dedicated beer fridge. Or two…
Just one week to go is what the builders are promising, and frankly we’ll be glad to see the back of them. Five months of dust noise and utter chaos have not helped the productivity levels, but we’re hoping to get back on track with the Christmas Special lined up for release on the 10th of December.


1 thought on “Lard Island Offices – On The Final Furlong”

  1. It looks great Rich – and will doubtless look even better when finished. I am positively green with envy – I’d kill for spaces like that (so watch yourself!!).

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