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Lard Island News Grand Prize Draw

BG023-front-thumbWell, with the demise of summer here in the UK we thought it was time to brighten things up by having a Grand Prize Draw, and you don’t get much grander than Battlegames Magazine.  Battlegames is one of our favourite wargames magazines here on Lard Island; you can always be sure of an excellent balance of articles, from scenarios to reviews and features, through to poignant, thought provoking writing from some of the hobby’s most erudite scribes and the editing guidance of housewives’ favourite Henry Hyde.  So, what better prize could one have than a year’s subscription to Battlegames.
So, how do you enter the Grand Prize Draw?  Well, it’s as simple as this.  For every £10 of Lardy products that you purchase during the month of October, one ticket with your name on it will go in the Grand Lard Island Draw Machine (actually, it’s a cardboard box).  Entries end at midnight GMT on Sunday the 31st of October.  On the Monday morning Big Rich will, with the help of a lovely assistant, make the draw.  After that we will contact the lucky winner to arrange the subscription.
What happens if you already subscribe to Battlegames?  Well good for you, in that case you’ll know what a great prize this is.  But fear not, we shall simply wait for your current subscription to expire and then pick it up from there.
In the meantime, why not take a look at the Battlegames web site, they even have a downloadable sample edition available to download so you can see the type of first rate articles that the lucky winner will be enjoying.  Check them out at


2 thoughts on “Lard Island News Grand Prize Draw”

  1. There’s nothing Lardy I don’t own already. But….you did give me a nudge to pick up some back issues I was missing. Great Magazine, great Lard raffle idea.

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