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Lard at Crisis

The adventure begins now as we start to pack up in anticipation of our trip across the Channel next week and this Crisis will be a big Lard event as we have two Participation Games on offer, Sharp Practice and Chain of Command and we also launch the latest edition to the Lard family, Pickett’s Charge from Reisswitz Press.
For the uninitiated, Crisis in Antwerp is simply the best historical wargaming event on the planet, with a huge selection of games and traders in attendance in Antwerp’s largest venue.   And yes, I do mean THE BEST without any exception, even pipping Salute to the post with its fantastic mix of historical wargames and the friendliest and most helpful bunch of organisers you coud wish to meet. What’s more, Crisis is the most cosmopolitan of wargaming shows, with gamers coming from all over Europe and the UK, all united in their enthusiasm for wargaming.  As mentioned, we will be running two participation games, with Big Rich running “Viva Ras Begus” with Sharp Practice, a game which has been well received at shows around the UK, and Fat Nick running a big game of Chain of Command, so lots of Lard to be sampled.  What’s more, TooFatLardies official celebrity, Sidney Roundwood, will be present throughout the day, so really a show not to be missed.

IMG_7687 Sidney’s chums get the boat ready for our crossing to Belgium

For those considering jumping in a plane, train or automobile and heading for Crisis (and you really should!) you can read our Lardy Guide to Antwerp which we produced a couple of years ago but which still provides a few pointers for Crisis virgins.  You’ll find that here:  A Guide to Antwerp


1 thought on “Lard at Crisis”

  1. I broke my Crisis virginity this year and can only endorse Rich’s comments and the Lardy Guide to Antwerp. Great fun as a show and a city and I got to play (and be a great clunking fist) Viva Ras Begus as a bonus.
    Many thanks Rich

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