Lard Across the Irish Sea – Saturday 31st of August

With all of the excitement of Chain of Command appearing we haven’t had much time to give you our other exciting news. The final leg of our “Four Capitals Tour” will be completed this weekend as we head for Belfast for the Lardy Ulster Fry run by the Ulster Wargames Society and featuring a day of delicious Lard.
On offer will not only be Chain of Command games run by Big Rich, but also Sharp Practice, Dux Britanniarum, Through the Mud & the Blood and I Ain’t Been Shot Mum, so why not come on down and dip your toes into a veritable Loch full of Lard!
You can read all about it here:
And directions to the venue are here:
We are assured that the Craic will be mighty, so we hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “Lard Across the Irish Sea – Saturday 31st of August”

  1. Hi, would just like to say a BIG thank you for running a game of Chain of Command at the Lardy Ulster Fry day, I and the other player’s had a great time, full of fun as all games should be.
    My famous last words with only five Germans on the table and our turn, well what shall we do lol
    Thanks again Richard

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