Just My Imagi-Nation…

Running away with me?  Quite possibly so, as you will discover.
But first, the good news.  My core Freikorps Army is complete.  A small window in my packaging schedule allowed me a day of painting this week and, apart from basing (which I am saving up to do en bloc at the end), I completed my Croats.  Three Groups with three Leaders.
Three Leader is excessive, but I always like to paint extra Leaders so that I can change the character of a force slightly.  Anyway, I must say that these were an absolute joy to paint.  What is great about the Foundry figures is the slight variation of the figures, so that whilst everyone is doing the same thing, they are doing it in subtly different ways.  This allows for a nice combination of the uniformity of the Seven Years War with the individuality of a skirmish game.
Anyway, here’s a few snaps so you can see some of that variety.
IMG_2776 IMG_2777 IMG_2780
Okay, enough of them.  Now, you may recall my “rule of three” when I said that the best way to assemble your core force troops is with groups of three as this allows you to field two different forces.  My two options are as follows.  First, a Musketeer force with Croat support.
And the second option is a Croat force with Musketeer support.  You’ll note that both have a Group of Jäger skirmishers with them.IMG_2785
Now my attention is turned to painting up my support options and Deployment Points.  Naturally, with my rule of three, I have one Group of either Croats or Musketeers available as supports, but so far I have a musician….
…and von Kraken’s dragoons, both on horseback and on foot skirmishing.  I need to find some horse holders for these, but that’s a luxury item I can do without for now.
Next on the paint table is a 6 pounder gun and then it’s on to the Deployment Points.
What I have decided to do is to populate the Meckel Map with garrison troops as well as civilians.  The Foundry Musketeers with no lapels are ideal for these troops, but I also decided on getting some Grenadiers as well, obviously I got three Groups of each so we can have some variety and, if needed, it can also serve as a Prussian force in its own right.  Additionally, I plan to do a group of Pioneers and I’m thinking about some dashing Hussars as well.  One of the fun things about Sharp Practice is that a painting up just a few figures can add a very different flavour to your core force.


8 thoughts on “Just My Imagi-Nation…”

  1. Don’t do this to me, please ….
    SYW, what’s that? It’s just the prelude to the real thing with Napoleon. No, will resist this time. Definitely.
    Oh crap.

  2. Robert Eldridge

    Very nicely done. Just the sort of thing I was thinking about for my SYW force. But I’ve got to do Peninsula first because I’ve already got the troops.

  3. Looking forward to their Saxon and/or Austrian counterparts.
    Tempted to chase Napoleon back to France with Lützow’s Freikorps now – but I can control myself, can’t I ?
    ( While not a military success it is an all arms force, all volunteers from all over Germany – backed up not just by their own cavalry, but by cossacks as well. – And at Schlacht an der Göhrde it fought alongside British troops into the bargain! 10th September 1813 -. even British rockets in use! )
    No, I better stop here!!!!

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