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It’s the “Smell of Napalm” Sale

It smells of GREAT value! For the rest of February we have reduced the hard copy price of our company level Vietnam rules, Charlie Don’t Surf rules to just £12. With 101 pages containing rules, scenario generator, army lists and our unique dual political and military victory conditions system. These rules have been highly acclaimed for the way they model the asymmetrical warfare of the conflict in a plausible and challenging fashion. The rules won the Miniatures Page vote for the best historical rules of 2010, so great rules at a great price!
And, to make things even better, we’ve reduced the price of Surf’s Up to just £6. This PDF supplement contains sixteen ready to play scenarios, the conversion pack for gaming those with ANZAC forces and the Tour of Duty campaign system, so you can get playing straight away.


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Back in the Bush Again

Okay, back to the jungle project again after a brief interlude on buildings.  You may recall that we had our trees in place and our more erect vegetation as well as having the ground covered by sharp sand and then herbs to represent rotted plant fibre.  I wanted to paint these before I added the

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