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Ho Ho Ho!Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.
Oh what fun it is to read the Lardies Christmas Special!
And now you can. A truly Festive helping of Lard has just arrrived down the Lard Island chimney and is now available viia our web store. The eleves have been businer than usual this year and this 127 page beauty is stuffed with goodness and has all the trimmings one would expect from this seasonal feast!
So, enough festive frivolity, what’s in the sack fat man?
Page 4 Introduction
A Festive welcome from Lard Island and the usual salutations from our very own Dynamic Duo.
Page 5 Sea Wolves
Chris Stoesen brings Dux Britanniarum to the Age of Vikings with rule ideas and scenarios. If he wasn’t fathered by the black ram in the full of the moon my name is not Ragnar!
Page 26 The Bulls of Bravo
Incoming! Tabletop Vietnam Veteran Ross Bowrage takes us back for another tour of duty with B Company, 1st Battalion, 5th US Marines come under fire from Charlie.
Page 30 “The Bounce”
This 1940 scenario for Bag the Hun allows you to try this classic manoeuvre.
Page 31 Gunther Mensch’s Panzer Tactics
Fresh from the East, Panzer Ace Gunther Mensch gives us an overview of German armoured tactics for WWII gaming. Follow his Top Tips for tabletop triumph and answers the eternal question – “Just how far apart should my model tanks really be?”
Page 42 Panzer Angriff
You’ve learnt the lessons from Gunther, now see how you perform in this mini-campaign for IABSM. Can you stop the Soviet steamroller?
Page 50 Invasion Earth
Fresh from the Quadrant 13 launch Robert Avery looks at building forces for the biggest Sci-Fi battle of all time. The fight for planet Earth! Think you’ve got no Sci-Fi armies? You may just be surprised.
Page 57 The Yanks Are Coming
Following on from the Summer Special our man in Colorado, Charles Eckart, looks at character generation for US Big Men in Through the Mud & the Blood.
Page 61 More Sturm Abteilung Vor!
Sidney Roundwood takes a hard looks at Stosstruppen tactics in the Great War and find that things are not always what they seem. How does the legend square with reality? Find out in this incisive report.
Page 71 Stosstrupptaktik!
Sidney provides a pre-game scenario enhancer for Through the Mud & the Blood using the lessons learnt in the above piece.
Page 75 Olkhavatka!
A Kursk scenario for IABSM where the corn is not quite as high as an elephant’s eye. From the pen of Robert Avery.
Page 82 Breakfast at von Tiffany’s
A dawn raid in Russia, 19423, for Bag the Hun and the Red Air Force seek to catch the Fascist invader on the hop.
Page 83 Road to Ruins
A terrain building piece from the maestro Sidney Roundwood as he looks at ruined fortifications for WWI. This in-depth photo article shows the maestro at work.
Page 93 Swedish Dux
Voulez Vous? We check out the swinging Stockholm Dux scene with two of the blogosphere’s greatest Vikings – Michael and Jonas.
Page 97 WWII Kriegsspiel
Fat Nick uses the Meckel Map for a WWI Kriegsspiel set in February 1945 with some interesting results.
Page 106 The Roundwood Report
Sir Sidney Roundwood asks the questions as we look to the future now, it’s only just begun. It’s Christmas!
Page 113 Lard Approved
We take a look at the new Lard Approved project and see what it means for you. Or not.
Page 115 Lovely Weather for Dux
We look at weather and its affect on your Dux campaign and games.
Page 120 You Dirty Rat
Our very own Gangnam Style Gangster, Fat Nick, takes a festive look at the roaring twenties and assembling his gangster forces in Part One of “You Dirty Rat”. Do you come out and take it, or shall he give it to you through the door?
Page 127 TweetFace
Not one of Nick’s Gangster Molls, but a guide to staying in touch with TooFatLardies in the age of social media thingies…


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