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Italians for Chain of Command

Italy 1940These Italians are for East and North Africa in the early part of the war, covering 1940 and the first half of 1941. They provide a really interesting and challenging force with their unique organisational structure and tactical doctrine. They lack much in the way of tactical flexibility and are short on command assets. However, their organisation into two very large squads, each comprised of a powerful firepower elements and a strong manoeuvre squad makes them a very powerful force if well-handled.
Italian Platoon 1940
As always, this list is a work in progress. If you see something we have missed then please do let us know.


12 thoughts on “Italians for Chain of Command”

  1. Greetings
    You can add the Canone Contracarro da 37/45 (a licensed produced version of the German Pak 35/36.ATG). According to Frank Chadwick’s Benghazi Handicap some were issued to the Brescia division (4 per battalion I think) in order to supplement the batteries of 47/32 for the operations in April 1941 and thereafter.
    Theoretically you could add Fiat Terni Tipo Tripoli armoured cars to North Aftica but it is unclear whether the 7 or so in theatre in 1940 ever saw action or were merely abandoned. See for more details.

  2. Very good list, I’ve been waiting for this one.
    Please make sure to add the SPA-Viberti AS.42 Sahariana and the Folgore Parachute Brigade to the 1942-1943 list.
    thx and regards,

  3. Could anyone help with making some minor additions to this list so I can use some entries prior to an official list being released my predictions are in brackets with the formula (Armour/AP/HE/Speed/List).
    1. Stats and List for M14/41 (5/6/4/Avg/6)
    2. Stats and List for Semovente 47/32 (4/6/3/Avg/4 or 5)
    3. Stats and List for Semovente 75/18 (5/8/5/Avg/7)
    4. Stats and List for L6/40 (4/4/6/Avg/5)

  4. Is there a list available for the Italians after June 1941? Also, is there any difference for north Africa from June 1941 thru 1943? I am looking to supplement DAK with an Italian force.

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