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Infamy, Infamy! Playsheet and Polo Shirts: The Ultimate Combination.

Strawberries and Cream, Bacon and Eggs, Batman and Robin, Chas and Dave; some thing are made to go together.  So today the new is of two rather smashing bits that could enhance your Infamy, Infamy! experience.
Firstly is the Infamy Playsheet.  Packed with the tables and…other tables that you need to play without flicking through the rule book.
Grab that download here for A4:
Playsheet A4
or here for US Letter.
Playsheet US Letter
Next is new of the Infamy Polo shirts produced by Saddle Goose Designs, our official brand partner in Lardy Leisurewear.  Debs has done a fantastic job over the recent years producing some great shirts, even some capacious enough for Nick to fit into.  Since her unfortunate illness she has been training up Matt to take over as seamstress to the stars and lovers of Lard everywhere.  I think you’ll agree that his inaugural creation would grace the catwalks of any top fashion show, from…Gloucester to…er…Tewksbury and possibly Milan.  
To celebrate the launch of Infamy, Infamy! these shirts are available in gamer friendly sizes in navy, black and dark grey.  Ladies and men’s fit shirts are available.  The shirts are available with or without the limited edition “Friends of Kenneth” addition which is both topical and remarkably silly but, Matt tells me, very popular.
Saddle Goose plan to re-open their web store soon to continue to supply Lard affiliated products.  For now, if you would like to order one please email Matt at  Shirts cost £20 each until the website is back up and running plus £5 postage in most cases but they can advise for overseas shipping.
Meanwhile we here at Lard Island News send all our love and best wishes to Debs who has been a great friend of Lardy and a credit to the whole hobby.


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