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Infamy, Infamy! Force Roster

With the publication of Infamy, Infamy! we thought that you’d like access to the downloadable Force Morale trackers.  Here with have the US Letter size and the A4 size for the rest of the world.  Just click on the links below to download the PDF relevant for your area of the world
Infamy Force Morale Letter
Infamy Force Morale A4


2 thoughts on “Infamy, Infamy! Force Roster”

  1. Are you going to have a PDF of the cards available like you did for “What a Tanker!” ?
    I am enjoying “digesting” the PDF of the rules and love the look of the cards, counters and chips but not so much the international shipping costs to get them to me. I think I’ll probably paint up a set of tokens and “chips” for the Game Deck.

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