If You’re Looking for Tokens…

You came to the right place! Well, we can point you to the right place anyway. In the last month we have linked up with Tabletop Studios in Sweden to work together providing tokens, predominantly to our EU based customers, but they are fully available to customers all over the world.

Tabletop Studios design and print 3D products that you can buy in physical form., or simply get the files and print them yourself. Or do what I do and find a mate with a 3D printer!

At present tokens are available for Chain of Command, Sharp Practice and ‘O’Group and the range will be expanding as we go forwards. Let’s have a look at just some of what is available.

Why not take a proper look at the fabulous range that Tabletop Studios have available. Just follow the link below.



More Lard

Crisis, the Build Continues

Thus far I have got my Panzer IVs half finished and my Brasserie just started. I’ve been waiting on some bits from Tamiya to arrive so that I can complete the panzers; the Brasserie, Le Flamant Rose, has actually had its base coat applied, but I used some oil bases paint to get a nice

It’s the “Smell of Napalm” Sale

It smells of GREAT value! For the rest of February we have reduced the hard copy price of our company level Vietnam rules, Charlie Don’t Surf rules to just £12. With 101 pages containing rules, scenario generator, army lists and our unique dual political and military victory conditions system. These rules have been highly acclaimed

The Boshin War for Sharp Practice

The Boshin War was a conflict fought from 1868 to 1869 with the forces of the Tonugawa Shogun on one side and those who sought to return power to the Emperor.  Looking to find out more?  The full lists for Sharp Practice can be found here:  Boshin War    

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