I Ain’t Been Shot Mum Available for Advanced Order

The long awaited day has come when the new edition of I Ain’t Been Shot Mum is available for Advanced Orders.  We’re just a couple of weeks away from the publlication date of the 25th of October, so we thought we’d let yoou know what’s available and what great value bundle deals we have going, especially for those placing Advanced Orders.
The rule book is 104 pages long in full colour throughout with plenty of illustrations and examples to make learning the rules easier than ever.  The book contains pleanty of backgroound information, explaining clearly what you’ll need to play I Ain’t Been Shot Mum and defining the key phrases you’ll find throughout the rules.  The main section of the book, 56 pages long, is the rules themselves, covering everything from infantry actions, armoured actions, artillery, air power, engineering tasks, and everything else you’re likely to encounter in a game.  We also have a section of optional rules which can be used to add more chrome to your games if you desire.
To save repeating ousleves, you can read all about what is in the rules here:  https://toofatlardies.co.uk/blog/?p=580 and even see a few images to give you an idea of the presentation style you’ll find therein, here:  https://toofatlardies.co.uk/blog/?p=548
Also in the rule book is the Normandy Handbook.  We can’t cover all the forces of the Second World War in the main rules, we’ll be producing four theatre specific Handbooks over the coming months that will give you lots of information about building up your forces and the weapons being used.  What we have included is organisational tables for a British, Germans and American force in Normandy as well as ratings for the principle AFVs and troops present.
Along with this is the Scenario Generator.  We recognise that you’ll not always have time to prepare a detailed scenario before your game, so this system alows you to generate one of six types of scenarios and end up with a totally different game each time.  Five minutes is all it will take to get your table set up and present your commanders with their challenge for the game.
Following that we have included a section on writing historical scenarios.  This shows how we go about putting our scenarions together and will hopefully inspire you to put together some great games yourself.  Finallly we have four scenarios, two of which are starter games to get you familiar with the rules, the other two are historical battles that we have put together using the techniques outlined in the previous section.
The rules are available as hard copy, in PDF format or in our new dynamic Tablet format which is suitable for navigating on i-Pads or similar.  You can get the hard copy rules for £20.00 or the PDF or Tablet versions for £12.00.  We also have some great value bundle deals which you can read about below.
Over the years we have been asked many times to put together a Game Deck to accompany our rule sets.  Well, the good news is that we have done just that for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum.  And not just any old deck!  This one is a whopping 104 cards in size.  We were very keen to provide what will hopefully be all the cards you’ll ever need.  The deck has sufficient cards to cover two full infantry companies a side, five platoons of tanks, three off-table support units, eight Big Men each plus all of the Bonus cards that alllow you to tailor make your force and add life to it on the tabletop.  The card deck is available for £12 or may be had as part of the great discount Bundles we have put together and that are explained below.
To make your life easy we wanted to create a set of tokens that look good but mean that keeping track of the action is easy to do in the heat of battle.  To achieve this we put together a 66 piece set made up of what we found useful when playtesting the rules.  We have used a simple red and green traffic light system, with four red low ammunituion markers, six red immobilised markers, twelve engine damage markers, six gun-out markers, twelve gunsights damaged markers,  two artillery or mortar aiming point markers, twelveloss of action markers and a dozen pinned of suppressed markers.   The Game Tokens are available for £12 or may be had as part of the great discount Bundles we have put together and that are explained below.
IABSM Tokens
To keep things as reasonably priced as possible we have put together the following bundles.  These can all be ordered now, and indeed customers ordering the bundles can get hold of some great free bonus items.
IABSM Hard BundleThe hard copy bundle is probably the most popular option, containing the rules, the Game Deck and the Game Token Set for just £40.00.  This is delivered by post and will be despatched on the 25th of October when we release the rules.
Customers placing an advanced order for the Hard Copy Bundle may also choose a free PDF or Tablet electronic version of the rules, just add a note when you place your order letting us know which you’d like – don’t put it in your basket or you’ll get charged for it! .
The first 500 customers purchasing the rules in hard copy or the Hard Copy Bundle will also get a free 28mm figure of Hugh Jarce, probably the biggest Big Man of all, who may be see in the green here:      https://toofatlardies.co.uk/blog/?p=576
Remember, the Advanced Order bonus file will be emailed to you on release day, the 25th of October.  We’ll send that to your email address so you’ll get it instantly.
PDF.Tablet BundleThe next great deals are the PDF or Tablet bundles which comes with either electronic version of the rules of your choice, the hard copy Game Deck and the Game Tokens.  We’ll email you the PDF on the 25th of October and post the cards and token sets on the same day.
The Tablet version of the rules is an exciting new venture for us.  This will be designed to be easily navigable on a reader such as the i-Pad using touch-screen links to move around the rules.
So, lots of ways to get hold of I Ain’t Been Shot Mum at great prices.  Why not check them out at www.toofatlardies.co.uk
Never tried Lardy rules?  Not sure if you’ll enjoy them?  Why not have a wander around Lard Island News and take a look at some of the articles and game reports you’ll find there.  That should give you a good feel of what we are all about.  Maybe join the TooFatLardies Yahoo group where you can talk about the rules with people all over the world who are playing them and enjoying them.  You can find us at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Toofatlardies/


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    It’s all looking good and looking forward to getting my paws on a copy, the Initiation of Dashwood-Brown beckons….now where did I park those Shermans…??

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