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Huge Hugh Jarce Prize Draw – It’s a Celebration!

Remarkable celebhrations on Lard Island this week. If it wasn’t enough to win the prize for the best Historical Wargames Rules for 2011 in the TMP poll, we also picked up an unexpected victory when our 28mm Hugh Jarce figure won the best single Historical figure for that year. He’s a fine looking chap, but this was praise beyond our wildest dreams.
To celebrate our fourth annual award for Historical rules and our very first figure award, we thought we’d like to say thank you in a very tangible fashion. Firstly, the next 100 orders for hard copy products from our web site will get a free Hugh Jarce figure. Secondly, we are painting up a further six Hugh Jarce figures which everyone ordering between now and Febraury the 28th will have an opportunity to win. For every ten pounds you spend you’ll get a ticket to the Huge Hugh Jarge Draw. The six names that come out of the hat at the end of February will be sent their painted and based Hugh Jarce figures.
So, great news if you want hard copy or PDF products. A great opportunity to buy that set of Dux Britanniarum you’ve been wanting!


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